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News Release

Nissan Forklift Announces its Nissan Forklift Nine,
Dealer of Excellence Awards for 2010

Marengo, IL (June 2011) – Nissan Forklift Corporation has announced the winners of its "Nissan Forklift Nine, Dealer of Excellence Award" for fiscal year 2010, which ended March 31, 2011. The Nissan Forklift Nine, Dealer of Excellence Award program is designed to reward and recognize the top nine Nissan Forklift dealers throughout the United States that have achieved the highest standards of sales excellence across the dealer network.

The Nissan Forklift Nine winners set the standard to which all Nissan Forklift dealers strive to achieve. All Nissan Forklift dealers are measured and evaluated in several major categories including unit sales, market penetration, aftermarket parts sales, professionalism, service and overall performance.

To achieve status as a Nissan Forklift Nine, Dealer of Excellence Award winner, each dealer has accepted Nissan Forklift's challenge and clearly displayed the ability to outperform previous goals, while creating a culture of professionalism within their organizations that delivers a satisfying purchasing experience for their customers. It is the belief that it is through their diligent efforts that the Nissan Forklift brand will continue to flourish.

The following nine dealers have excelled in these critical categories and earned the prestigious status as Nissan Forklift Nine, Dealer of Excellence for 2010:

Adobe Equipment Houston LLC
dba Action Handling Systems
Houston, TX
A. Kelly Williams

J.V. Equipment, Inc.
Edinburg, TX
Jim Mehis

Big Joe California North, Inc.
dba Big Joe Handling Systems
Hayward, CA
Boyd Kiefus

Lift Solutions, Inc.
Omaha, NE
Steven Buehler

Capital Equipment & Handling
Hartland, WI
Richard Muenster

Material Handling Supply
Brooklawn, NJ
Robert Levin

Forklift Systems, Inc.
Nashville, TN
Duane Hardy

Parkway Systems
San Antonio, TX
Bobby Greene

Industrial Truck Sales & Service
Indianapolis, IN
Mark Figg

Nissan Forklift also selected a dealer from its Latin American market which exemplifies those characteristics found within the Nissan Forklift Nine, Dealers of Excellence. It is the third time that the 2010 winner is being honored with this award. Its commitment to Nissan Forklift is evidenced by the significant investment it has made in its facilities across Mexico and the sales professionals who embody the image and spirit worthy of the Nissan Forklift brand.

MSB Leon S.A. de C.V.
Leon, Guanajuato Mexico
Luis Pons

Nissan Forklift congratulates all the 2010 Nissan Forklift Nine, Dealer of Excellence program winners for their amazing efforts, the priority they've given to achieve sales excellence and their passion for delivering an exceptional customer experience.

Nissan Forklift Corporation designs, manufactures and supports a complete line of material handling equipment that delivers features resulting in greater dependability, higher productivity and lower operational costs. Headquartered in Marengo, Ill., Nissan Forklift has a network of more than 100 authorized dealerships with over 225 locations across North, South and Latin America, as well as additional worldwide locations.

Contacts for media inquiries:

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Dixie Jirak
TEL : 815.568.2718

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