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Service Training

UniCarriers Americas… at your service.
UniCarriers Americas understands how valuable training is to your organization. Highly skilled service technicians are the backbone to your dealership's profitability and essential to gaining customer loyalty.

UniCarriers Americas's College of Technical Service was created to establish UCA's authorized service technicians as the most highly skilled in the industry by encouraging continued training, professional growth and technician recognition. This curriculum-based program offers three certification levels of achievement: Apprentice, Journeyman and Master Technician. Each successive level requires more education and carries additional responsibilities, including ASE certifications.

With an average of 15 years experience, our staff of technical instructors is prepared to provide comprehensive service training for your maintenance department on all the latest advances in UniCarriers engineering.

For more information about the UniCarriers Americas's College of Technical Service, call us at 815-568-0061.